Dear Blumers,
For the second year in a row, Sol Blume has faced challenges that require us to make a significant change to the festival as we know it. Mother nature has once again caused commotion and created conditions at the festival site that render it unsafe to build on. Although the park is no longer flooded, the damage remains. Due to significant site damage and growing safety concerns, we will not be able to host this year’s festival. Unlike last year, the path to hold a successful reschedule in the same year is not as clear despite our best efforts. Therefore, Sol Blume will be rescheduled to August 15th – 17th, 2025.

Sol Blume is permanently transitioning seasons to rid us of any weather related conflicts in the future. Although a late summer festival is not what we originally envisioned, if there is one thing we learned from 2023, it is that Sol Blume possesses its own magic, irrespective of time and place, so long as we’re amongst each other. Your spirit, energy and presence are what makes Sol Blume truly magic and we are committed to strengthening the brand we’ve cultivated together. 

Although we’ve had to make this difficult decision, we’re doing our very best to do right by each and every member of our community. We thank you for your understanding, love and unwavering support and we look forward to bluming with you again soon.

Peace, Love & Well Wishes,
Your Sol Blume Family

Pass Upgrades for All:

2024 pass holders may automatically attend in 2025 and will receive an automatic pass upgrade to the next pass tier. That means:

  • GA passes will be upgraded to GA+ passes
  • GA+ passes will be upgraded to VIP passes
  • VIP passes will be upgraded to Returnable VIP passes

No action is required for this upgrade; you’ll see that upgrade in your account today.

Returnable VIP:

For Returnable VIP pass holders, you’ll receive a $100 voucher that can be applied to 2025 Sol Blume merch OR food & beverage vendors. Starting on April 22nd at 12pm PT you will receive an email where you will be able to select which voucher you would like to receive.

If you are unable to make the rescheduled date you will still be able to receive a refund. 

Refund Window:

Starting April 22nd at 12pm PT, you will receive an email with a refund request link that can be completed in three clicks or less. The refund window will remain open until May 17th, 2024 so that you have enough time to confirm you’re available for our new 2025 dates. All refunds will be processed after the refund request window closes on May 17th, 2024. For Returnable Pass holders, your refund window will be extended to August 12th, 2025.

Layaway Plan Reinstatement:

For fans who secured passes through a Layaway Plan, if your payment plan has been completed, you can choose to either hold onto your upgraded passes or request a refund. If you have remaining payments or have defaulted, you can either cancel your layaway plans or reinstate your order for 2025 on May 6, 2024.