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Christian Kuria

Sunday, August 20
12:10PM - 12:25PM
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Official Bio:
“Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christian Kuria first attracted internet
attention in 2016 as a Hip Hop and R&B guitarist. Soon after, he began to incorporate his
guitar playing into fully-produced covers. This led Kuria towards composing and producing his
own original music.

In late 2019, Christian made his US touring debut as support for the critically acclaimed writer,
producer, and singer, Cautious Clay. After tour, Christian released his freshman album
‘Borderline’. Following the release of Borderline, Kuria went on to release singles ‘Toroka’ and
‘23rd Street’ which received critical acclaim from MTV, Beats1, OkayAfrica, and more….
Christian has also collaborated with a handful of artists such as Alex Isley, Jack Dine, Braxton
Cook, Thuy, Fiji Blue (Val Fritz), among others.”

Write-up c/o MTV:
“Christian Kuria has been honing his sound for years, beginning with chill covers of Khalid
classics that led him to a stint opening up for Cautious Clay. His debut EP Borderline, released
earlier this year, proved the smooth singer had found a voice all of his own, and new single
“Toroka” is another winner. Named after the Swahili term for “run away” or “escape,” Kuria
titled the track as a nod to his Kenyan heritage. Walking the lines between psychedelic and
vibey as hell, he relives his anxiety to the tune of floating guitar licks and a heavenly chorus.
Denial has never sounded so sweet.” — MTV